Have you been arrested falsely? Has the police invaded your home? Has the government misappropriated your property? Has the police lied in their reports? Has the police used force against you? Have you or your closed one been shot by the police? Do you have medical bills as a result of your injuries and worried that you can’t pay them? You can turn to the passionate, aggressive and effective civil rights lawyer Narine Mkrtchyan, who will not only vindicate your civil rights in courts but also will recover sizeable damages for you and your family. Under federal and state laws you have many rights against unlawful government conduct and only an attorney knowledgeable and courageous, such as Narine Mkrtchyan, can help you with great results.

In the wake of numerous incidents of police brutality, beatings and shootings of innocent citizens by police, people are realizing that not every action ‘under color of law’ is lawful and government agents are capable of serious abuse of power vested in them and gross disregard of citizens they are entrusted to protect. However, since their action is often imputed to their respective agencies/departments, it is common to be turned down for any vindication of rights or recovery unless represented by an aggressive and knowledgeable attorney. Since any monetary recovery for wrongs committed goes from the treasury of the agency that hired and trained the police officer, not from the personal pockets of the government employee, that agency puts up a fierce fight to protect their budget. They go to all lengths to deny or minimize liability, subvert the truth and the entire fact-finding process. Without an attorney who can fight this Goliath, you will be crushed into little pieces. With Attorney Narine Mkrtchyan, you will be the David who will crush the Goliath Government and will ensure that justice prevails.

  • Police misconduct/use of force
  • Employment law


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