· Have you been falsely arrested, falsely accused?
· Have police lied in their reports concerning yourself or others you know to be untrue?
· Have police used force against you they had no right to?
· Do you have medical bills as a result of your injuries and worried that you can’t pay them?
· Have you or your loved ones been shot by the police?
· Have police invaded your home?
· Has the government misappropriated your property?


If you answer yes to any of these questions, you should turn to the passionate, aggressive and effective civil rights representation by attorney Narine Mkrtchyan. She will vindicate your civil rights in court and recover the damages you and your family are entitled to receive. Federal and state laws give you protections and rights against unlawful government conduct. Attorney Narine Mkrtchyan is knowledgeable and will courageously help you toward great results.

Her African-American client was attacked and viciously beaten by the LAPD officers, while celebrating a July 4th gathering at a low-income housing project in South LA. Then he was falsely arrested and charged with resisting police as violent felonies, after the police fabricated a story that he was responsible for challenging the officers dispatched to shut down the party. They further claimed that the party-goers were throwing fireworks, rocks and bottles at police, all proven false at trial by witnesses who recounted a completely different story. According to witnesses, the client was taken down to the ground for no other reason than to question reason for police presence. Exposing the lies of the police in justifying their actions, the witnesses also related how the police came down aggressively by terrorizing innocent people not engaged in anything unlawful by pushing and shoving them, destroying tents and party supplies. Further, as a cover-up of their actions, the police failed to preserve video from the LAPD-owned cameras at the scene. Through aggressive litigation, Ms. Mkrtchyan had the criminal charges dismissed and filed a claim for violation of civil rights in federal court on behalf of her client. The federal jury returned a verdict for client, awarding him $90,000 for his injuries, and $60,000 in punitive damages against individual officers. (Adon Howard v. City of Los Angeles, et al. 2:14-cv-03687-SS) Her client’s rights were vindicated and justice prevailed.   


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