When Ms. Mkrtchyan gets involved in a case, she takes complete command, and changes the entire dynamic of the case. Narine infuses the courtroom with intense energy, forces the judges to take a fresh look at the case, by turning the wheels of fortune in favor of her clients. With a keen sense of justice, Narine is willing to ‘go to war’ against the system, if necessary, to achieve justice in the courtroom. She believes all her clients are innocent until proven guilty and her goal is to show, within ethical bounds, that the state has no case against her clients, who deserve fundamental fairness, dignity and freedom.


Take a moment and review just a few of the success stories of her clients. Click on the blue boxes below to see more success stories:

Client was brutalized and arrested for multiple felony counts of resisting peace officer. Through aggressive litigation Ms. Mkrtchyan had criminal charges dismissed and then filed a claim for civil rights violations in federal court. The federal jury returned a verdict in favor of client with an award of 90,000 for his injuries and 60,000 in punitive damages against the LAPD officers.

Medical fraud and grand theft charges professional client facing revocation of license, dismissed.

Charges of battery on peace officer and resisting police dismissed after uncovering the record of misconduct by arresting officer.

Successful withdrawal of conviction in petty theft to avoid deportation for an immigrant client.

Charges of domestic violence dismissed pre-trial.

Participation and promotion of criminal gang activities, weapon enhancements DISMISSED.

Receipt of stolen property as felony, DISMISSED after a motion to suppress.

Charges of operating a chop shop and receipt of stolen property as felonies, DISMISSED at 995 motion.

Charge of kidnapping DISMISSED after pre-trial motion.

Charge of commercial burglary as felony, DISMISSED.

Multiple counts of resisting police as felonies, DISMISSED.

Multiple counts of resisting police as felonies, DISMISSED.

Multiple counts of sales of various controlled substances, possession of a loaded gun and ammunition, client facing 14 years in state prison, MOTION TO SUPPRESS GRANTED, CASE DISMISSED.

Multiple counts of armed robbery, client facing 10 years, DISMISSED.

Charge of robbery, DISMISSED.

Charge of kidnapping, conspiracy, DISMISSED.

Multiple counts of possession of controlled substances for sale, DIVERSION GRANTED.

Multiple counts of domestic violence with a knife, criminal threats, dissuading a witness, assault with a deadly weapon as felonies, client facing 13-14 years, STRIKES DISMISSED, PROBATION GRANTED WITH TIME SERVED.

Multiple counts of identity theft, possession of multiple access cards with intent to defraud, forgery. Client facing 14 years, REDUCED TO TWO YEARS ON ONE COUNT, THE REST DISMISSED.

Assault with deadly weapon felony, DISMISSED.

Client on four felony probations, with a suspended state prison sentence of 5 years. Arrested in a new felony case while on probation and was facing the execution of the suspended sentence. PROBATION GRANTED AND PLACED IN A RESIDENTIAL TREATMENT PROGRAM.

Multiple charges of resisting police as misdemeanors. DISMISSED.

Gang injunction order violations, INFORMAL DIVERSION FOR SIX MONTHS, DISMISSED.

Two counts of DUI, with .09, .10 Blood Alcohol. ACQUITTAL ON ONE COUNT, DISMISSAL OF THE OTHER.

DUI under the influence of drugs, HUNG JURY AND DISMISSAL.

Attempted arson as felony, ACQUITTAL.

Charges of domestic violence and elder dependent abuse as misdemeanors. DISMISSED.

Charges of assault and battery. DISMISSED.

Charge of grand theft, DISMISSED.

Charges of domestic violence, abuse of dependent, vandalism. DISMISSED.

Charge of vandalism with gang enhancement, DISMISSED.

Charge of petty theft, commercial burglary. DISMISSED.

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