Criminal Defense by Mkrtchyan Law

Have you been arrested and charged with crime? Do you know the effect of a criminal conviction on your life and your professional license? Has the police detained you for questioning? Do you know what will happen if you talk with police? Has your home been searched and your property seized for criminal investigation? Do you know what happens to your driver’s license when you are arrested for a DUI? Whether you are charged with DUI or murder, if you want to get the best advice and most effective representation in the criminal process, you can turn to the experienced, …


Personal Injury by Mkrtchyan Law

Have you had an auto accident? Do you know what to do at the scene of the accident? Do you know how to get the insurance pay for your car damages? Are you hurt or injured? Do you need to go to the hospital or see a doctor but wonder if you can pay for the medical costs? Are you off work because of your injuries and lose earnings as a result? You cannot get back to work because of permanent disability as a result of the accident? Turn to the aggressive fighter, Attorney Narine Mkrtchyan, who will pursue your rights in court and will recover sizeable damages for your injuries…


Civil Rights - Mkrtchyan Law

Have you been arrested falsely? Has the police invaded your home? Has the government misappropriated your property? Has the police lied in their reports? Has the police used force against you? Have you or your closed one been shot by the police? Do you have medical bills as a result of your injuries and worried that you can’t pay them? You can turn to the passionate, aggressive and effective civil rights lawyer Narine Mkrtchyan, who will not only vindicate your civil rights in courts but also will recover sizeable damages for you and your family. Under federal and state laws you have many …

Mkrtchyan Law - Narine Mkrtchyan Attorney at Law

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