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For all your legal troubles, turn to an aggressive, experienced and caring attorney, Ms. Narine Mkrtchyan. We will provide you with dedicated representation and exceptional service. As a trial lawyer and litigator, both at the state and federal level, she can help you navigate in the court systems with extraordinary results.


Case Studies

“He was then charged with receipt of stolen property as felony. Ms. Mkrtchyan aggressively litigated a motion to suppress, which was granted and the charge dismissed.”



“ Narine has a tireless work ethic, driven by the constant pursuit of justice, especially for those considered “least” in our society. My paths have not crossed a more dedicated,knowledgeable and richly talented Attorney. I would highly recommend her for your legal representation.”
Mychael D.

Narine Mkrtchyan An Attorney Of Gallantry

“Ms. Narine Mkrtchyan Is One Of The Rarest Breed Of Attorneys In The California Judicial System That Truly Fights For The Constitutional Rights Of Others. Ms. Mkrtchyan Is, In My Opinion, A Crusader Of Justice And By Far A True Adversary Of Injustice, She Is Sincere And True In Regards To Her Client Yet Uncompromising And Firm In Seeking Their Resolve, She Fights The Good Fight Hard, Skillfully And Professionally I Should Know She Fought For Me, She’s A True Winner.”
Adon H.

“Hello, my name is Candace, I have a really long rap sheet with a tendency to always be in and out of a court room from petty probation violations and when I first met Narine she was appointed to me as an alternative defender, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Little did I know she would be one of the best things that ever happened to me. She fought for me, trusted me and had so much faith in me! I had never seen such a bad ass woman in the court room in my life. Narine had my best interest in mind at every court date. After my first case she got me off with just probation, which was great considering I have prison priors. Well after that I had caught another case and ended up in jail, when Narine found out she was there for me at my first court date pro bono! Once again there for me, giving it her all. She stuck by my side fighting my cases for 6 months (never asking me for a penny!) she was not afraid one bit to take it to trial either! In fact she would have loved to take it to trial. I believe she is a trial attorney and one of the best to win a debate or favor of an audience. Well I was looking at a lot of years behind bars and once again she came through getting me out. I trusted her with my life and it paid off. During that time I learned so much from her, I look up to her like a big sister and truly admire her strength, knowledge and genuine compassion she has as a criminal defense attorney. I love you Narine, your amazing!!!”

“The Law office of Narine Mkrtchyan is five star service. I am very happy with the job that Narine Mkrtchyan did for my case. Narine gets the job done. I am very satisfied with the services that Narine Mkrtchyan has provided for me and my husband. My husband had several cases and Narine is the only lawyer who got the best deal for my husband. I would recommend for you to choose Narine Mkrtchyan as your Lawyer if you have a case in court.”